We can supply you with antibiotic free and added hormone free grassfed Beef and Lamb, pastured Berkshire pork and Free range chicken, duck, turkey and eggs

We can supply you with antibiotic free and added hormone free grassfed Beef and Lamb, pastured Berkshire pork and Free range chicken, duck, turkey and eggs


Simplified guide to ordering a half or whole pork

where the cuts come from and what they look like


read the following excerpt from pork Canada...decide how you want your pork ..

What sets OUR BERKSHIRE PORK apart from the rest???

 Certified organic feed
Milk & fermented grain fed
 pasture raised
No Vaccines or anti-biotics 
Free from soy, corn & GMOs 
 Free delivery to your city​​
door to door delivery availabe
Satisfaction guaranteed
Holistically Raised for the health of the animals, health of you & health of the planet..                                          

Cut Chart

You can prepare perfect pork every time by knowing the characteristics of each cut.

A side of pork is made up of four main wholesale areas, called PRIMALS. They are the loin, the leg, the shoulder and the belly. Each has its own characteristics.


This is the most lean of the premium-priced pork cuts. It is divided in three sections: the rib (closest to the shoulder), the centre and the sirloin. Cuts from the loin are roasts, chops, cutlets, tenderloins, back ribs, country-style ribs, cubes and strips. The roasts and chops may be bone-in or boneless. Loin cuts are usually cooked by dry heat cooking methods. Pork loins can be purchased whole, providing cost savings for buying bulk, and can be cut into smaller pieces (e.g. roasts, chops, strips, cubes) and frozen for future use.


The leg cut is very lean and more economical than the loin. The leg may be sold as a whole roast, or a half, or it may be sectioned into three muscle cuts – the inside, outside and leg tip. Leg cuts may be bone-in or boneless. Hams are cured and smoked legs of pork. Leg cuts can be cooked by dry heat, but are best suited to moist heat* cooking methods.


This cut is the most economical retail cut. It is divided into two sections – the picnic and the blade. The cuts may be either bone-in or boneless and may be made into roasts, chops, steaks, cubes or ground pork. Moist heat produces excellent results but dry heat cooking can be used as well.


The belly provides side ribs, bacon and other processed pork products.


now CALL US@306-237-9286 ….we come to an agreeable booking date,, you pay a non refundable deposit on your pork,

You decide what cuts you want, with us guiding you all the way ,
 Then we or you call the butcher to make arrangements .. we deliver pork to butcher they do their thing and we can pick up and deliver for a nominal fee or you can pick up at butcher.
Then you can get your pork in your BELLY!!!
Betty Hamm
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