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We can supply you with antibiotic free and added hormone free grassfed Beef and Lamb, pastured Berkshire pork and Free range chicken, duck, turkey and eggs


How we know what is in our food..


Here at Catherwood Organics centrally located just a short scenic drive from Saskatoon, or Rosetown or North Battleford our family believes in ethical farming and ranching. We believe in giving animals the best possible life as close to natural habitat as possible . We believe the only way we can be sure of what is in our food is to grow it ourselves, on our own certified organic farm..

NOW YOU CAN .. have an organic farmer grow it for you....US!

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 We believe in Labels, because labels keep people accountable..we believe in doing our own production and not having Production Partners because we wouldn't know for sure if they cut corners, ...we believe in  ACCOUNTABILITY- that is why our land is certified Organic. We can prove that we do what we say we do.....what you want us to do!

 You can have that same assurance when you purchase our products.

These are our children .. fine young farmers for the future